April Plantings





I always think that the winter is the time for garden planning for the year to come. Taking the opportunity to try new things. It is always quite exciting to have a plan for something quite new and innovative for the coming good weather.

Good News my recent article in my Village News about How To Dig a Hole has provoked a lot of interest.

People do seem very concerned about making the right hole for the job. So after lengthy negotiations  with a local landscaping  expert, Morgan's Nursery have started a joint venture with them to manufacture and distribute custom made holes.

So if you have anything to plant in your garden, email me the size of the pot and any relevant information such as aspect, soil type etc. I will then pass the details onto Dave and his team who will load the details into his CAD gear, print the hole with his brand new '3D hole printer' and arrange for delivery once it is dry.

When it arrives all you have to do is dig the soil and fit the hole in the ground and you are ready to plant as usual, but you can be secure in the knowledge that you have the perfect hole for the your precious plant to thrive in.

We are doing a special promotion for My Village News readers. We can supply 1 hole for 29.99 or 5 holes for 100, but don't forget to quote the discount code 'Happy April'.

Of course you still have to look after your plantings by not letting them dry out, keeping the weeds at bay and staking them if necessary. but a good start is what really makes your new plantings get away well and make your garden look its best.





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