April is Tidy up Time

(Nematodes for Vine Weevil)




April is the time to do the jobs in the garden that you should have done in the Autumn. It's not warm enough to relax in the garden, so you may as well get some fresh air and tidy up a bit, at least it gets you out for a bit. It's a bit like a stitch in time, anything you sort now will give you more to enjoy as the weather picks up through the Spring.


I could tell you what needs doing, but one look out of the window will remind you what you need to do. (This is your conscience speaking.) Just been out to mow the lawn, it makes the garden look so much better. ( Hoist by my own petard. )


I have recently put nematodes on all my plants in pots to control vine weevil. These weevils are the little black beetles that eat the edges of leaves at night. But it is the larvae that do most damage to potted plants, they look like maggots and eat all of the roots in the pot. The first thing you know is when the plant wilts and falls over, if you give it a pull it just lifts out of the compost with no roots. So to prevent this you spray some nematodes into each pot, and they kill the larvae. It seems to be more effective than using chemicals and much safer. Vine weevil are everywhere, but it is young plants in pots where they seem to cause the most damage. They are enclosed in the compost in a pot with just one plant's roots to eat, so they eat all its root and the plant dies. In the garden there are lots of roots mixed up in a flower bed so they probably wander round having a chew of all of them, so only causing a little damage to each plant. lot to curb it's aggressive tendencies.





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