Are You Eating Enough Vegetables?






When I was a little boy I used to hide in the vegetable patch when there were Peas or Raspberries or other tasty morsels ready. I would sit and eat them raw enjoying the fresh taste. When I was caught there would be trouble as I had eaten tomorrow’s tea!


It turns out that the latest government policy, which has increased the recommended daily intake of fruit and veg from 5 a day to 8 or 10 a day, means that we will all have to sit in the veg patch eating the crop as soon as it grows. So I was right after all. A second best would be to graze your way round the fresh fruit and veg at the supermarket. Why second best? Well because home grown produce just has to be better than computer controlled hydroponically gown stuff flown in from half way round the world.


So polish up the old spade, till the soil and get planting. What should you plant?  Whatever you like. There is no point in growing stuff you don’t like. The secret with most veg is to sow a few at a time through the season so that you have a constant supply of fresh produce coming on all the time. There is no point having 50 lettuces all at once.


I think that homemade wines and ciders should be medically approved. We had some damson wine that was pure anaesthetic. The amount of fruit used in winemaking must mean that it is better than a bottle of smoothie from the supermarket, after all they must be mashing all the fruit they can not sell to make smoothies.


The economics of home grown produce when looked at superficially is not that marvellous. If you add up all the costs of setting up a kitchen garden and your time it looks like an expensive meal. But the satisfaction of producing your own food is immense. Not to mention the exercise you get in the fresh air.







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