What type of Christmas Tree to have.






There are many varieties of tree that you can get for Christmas, the most popular ones are:.


The old favourite is the Norway Spruce. It looks really good but leaves a pile of needles on the floor if you don't get a really fresh one.


http://www.chorltonnursery.com/wordpress/wp-content/gallery/archive/Lodgepole_Pine_500.jpgProbably the best tree is the Nordmann Spruce or non drop Xmax Tree. Its needles are green on the top and white underneath. The big plus is that you don't get any needles on the floor.


Then there is the Scots  Pine which is probably the traditional tree with its long needles. Scots Pine tend to be broader so they take up more space.


The best thing to keep your tree fresh is to put it in a stand which holds water, like a giant vase, and you would be amazed how much water they use.

Christmas trees used to be the thinnings from forestry plantations, but they are grown as a crop nowadays. Ideally you want to  pick your tree in the plantation and dig it up (or saw it off) mid to late December, then put the root/stump in water when you get home.


It can't be avoided: There are plastic trees! I have to admit that they are getting better but they have no soul or smell. I suppose once you take the step away from real trees you might as well go for a different colour too. I would draw the line at upside down ones though.


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