What to give a Gardener for Christmas




Have you any friends that are keen gardeners and you never know what to get them for Christmas? You canít give them a new trug every year, they last forever. I always think the best presents are things that you want but canít bring yourself to buy.


My most valued gardening tool is my Felco Secateurs, they are in my view the best that you can get. They come in left and right handed varieties which saves sore hands if you use them a lot. You can get a holster for them for the more John Wayne types, and they even supply spare parts for them, a rare thing nowadays.


There is room for a bird table or bird feeder somewhere in the garden. Some bird seed is also a good gift, the little birds will be jolly pleased too. I hang bird feeders on the Monkey Puzzle Tree to annoy the squirrels, which is an added pleasure.


The new coloured wellies are fun. Just imagine Grannies face when on Christmas morning she opens up a pair of bright pink wellies with multicoloured spots. She will think of you every time she wears them.


What about a weather station they provide lots of useful information for the gardener. As long as you donít take it too seriously. ( eh! John! )


Solar powered lights are much better and more affordable now. There is always a path or drive to mark out at night. The added bonus being that they cost nothing to run.


A gardenerís diary or calendar is most welcome or a subscription to a

gardening magazine. The big plus with these is that you can get them the same next year if they enjoyed it.


Of course a bottle of something medicinal to warm them up after a chilly day in the garden is a welcome gift.


I do hope my friends and family read this.



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