The Perception of Weeds

(or Dandelion and Burdock)




Whenever I take my collie for a walk he seems to come back with nasty prickly seed heads stuck in his fur. It takes ages to get them off him and is distressing for all concerned. I believe this is how Velcro was invented.

So I was thinking of making a different drink (A change from Peppermint Tea). What about Dandelion and Burdock? We have got lots of Dandelions. I wonder what Burdock looks like? A quick check on the net. Oh its those nasty prickly seed heads and looks a bit like a dock leaf, burr-dock. Behold that really annoying weed has become a treasured plant, and I am wandering round the hedgerows of the nursery looking for a valuable root to make a refreshing drink from.

So this is how I did it:

A couple of large burdock roots (about 150g)
A handful of dandelion roots (about 50g)
500g sugar
2 tablespoons of black treacle
Juice of one lemon
Teaspoon of carragheen,(irish moss), to help clarify the beer
A beer yeast
4.5 litres of water

Scrub and finely slice the roots and carragheen then boil them with 3 litres water for half an hour. Take off the heat, add the remaining cold water, the sugar, treacle and lemon and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Strain the liquid into a clean fermenting bucket and cover.

When cooled to room temperature add the yeast. Put on the lid and airlock and ferment for up to a week then bottle in strong bottles. Another week and it will be ready to drink, once ready it is a good idea to keep the bottles in the fridge to prevent further fermentation.

The only thing is, you have to be jolly sure what Burdock looks like so you don't poison yourself, I hope we can all recognise a Dandelion.





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