Feeding the Birds






I have a dilemma. Is a fallen apple a waste of food or is it a feast for a Blackbird? I  have no qualms about holly berries, I don't eat them, so the birds are welcome to them. But fruit and veg. that I enjoy, are they wasted if the birds get there first? They are welcome to marrows, crab apples and broccoli because I never liked them. But plums and apples seem a bit too good to give away. I suppose if they fall off the tree before I pick them, or if a wasp has already had a bite, it is fair enough for the birds to have them.


Of course you can put nuts, fat balls and seeds in bird feeders which keeps them going through the winter. But I do feel that we should make sure that Mr Robin gets his five a day. So growing plenty of shrubs and trees with berries or nuts is essential. They also look good too. So pyracantha, cotoneaster, holly, rowan (also keeps witches away as a bonus) for berries. Beech, hazel, walnut (for birds with nutcrackers, or squirrels) for nuts. Crab apples or quince for very sour fruit.


The art of bird feeding is to place the feeders where the birds feel safe, so that we get a good view of them. I like hanging a bird feeder on the monkey puzzle tree. Not only do I get a good view of the birds feeding, but also can watch a very cross squirrel trying all ways to get at the nuts that are just out of reach. Such fun!







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