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We had Scottish Power cut down two large conifers recently. It was rather sad as they were over eighty years old, but they kept interfering with the electric supply and phone wires.

I was amazed how much space they had been taking up and the light that was let into the house. So we now have an area of garden about ten yards by eight yards to fill up. Half of this will be used to round the edge of the lawn off getting rid of some corners that are difficult to mow. The other half is going to be a shrub border which will be tricky as it can be viewed from all round. It will be edged by lawn on one side and the driveway on the other.

It is quite nice to have a blank canvas to do anything you want with so we are covering the area with bark chips (left by Scottish Power) then placing  some shrubs around whilst still in their pots to see what they look like. Then move them about for a week or two till we are happy with them before planting. I think that we are going risk moving a few bigger shrubs from other places in the garden where they are getting too crowded. This will help to make it look a little  fuller straight away.

It is quite refreshing to have a bit  of a change round in a mature garden, but rather sad to see some trees go that have been there as long as I can remember. Although it is interesting when you realise that the trees were planted before the electricity wires were put in, so they weren't planted in the wrong place it's just that things changed.





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