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I found a copy of 'Let's Garden' by Enid Blyton in a second hand book shop. It's a really nice little book that could encourage adults as well as children to have a go in the garden.  Of course being written by Enid Blyton you have to drink lashings and lashings of ginger beer and do a bit of amateur sleuthing on the side.


But it is excellent to encourage children to garden if you have a little space. As a child I used to enjoy growing things to eat, it is so satisfying to have a few home grown additions to your lunch.


Often people come to the nursery saying they know nothing about gardening, but they have taken the first step by deciding to give it a try. Had they been encouraged as children they would have been confident in the garden, because there isn't an awful lot to it. 


I think the best thing to get children interested is sowing seeds, the magic of seeing the shoots come up never wears off. I was talking to an elderly lady the other day and she was so excited that she had some seeds coming up, it was delightful.


What you have to do is get some really quick and easy things to grow for children, there is nothing like success to hold their interest. I always liked growing cress, probably the quickest thing to sow and eat (possibly beaten by beansprouts). Sunflowers are the children's favourite, but mixed packs of seeds for little ones are a good start.


So back to Enid Blyton: What's that I overheard someone saying behind the fence 'blah blah blah robbery at the big house. Jewels hidden in the old mine blah blah blah'. Better look into that!




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