Gardening in December






December is not really a gardening month. The biggest job that most of us do is put up some fairy lights to celebrate Christmas, if we havenít eaten too many humbugs.


We get a rest from mowing the grass although it seems to keep growing for longer each year. The only planting to do is bare rooted trees and shrubs whilst they are dormant, or a few seeds indoors.


The garden comes into its own over Christmas to regain some sanity from the festivities. A useful tip is to hide a bottle of your favourite tipple in the potting shed. ĎIíve just got to go and check on my cuttingsí, can provide a well earned break with some refreshment.


If you are feeling enthusiastic you could weed the borders, trim the edges and prune back any shrubs that are getting overgrown. Then into the garden shed to service the mower and tidy up all the tools. But these jobs can probably wait for a bit till the New Year blues set in.


Of course if we are lucky to have a white Christmas there are immediately lots of important jobs to do. There is the snowman to build then lie down to make a few snow angels. You could also clear the drive and paths.


My big dilemma at Christmas is the Xmas Tree. I love to have a real tree in the house, but it seems such a shame to cut a good tree down unnecessarily, but an artificial tree just isnít the same. Traditionally they were the thinnings from forestry but now they are grown as a crop, so I suppose thatís OK.


Happy Christmas and may your garden grow even better next year.







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