Gardening is good for you!




It's official someone had produced a 65 page report at huge expense to prove that getting out into the garden is beneficial to your health. All they needed to do was ask any parent, they know. How many times have you heard:

Little Tommy,  'I'm bored'.


Parent , 'Well go outside and play in the garden and get some fresh air it'll do you good'.

Gardening done correctly involves having a look around at all your plants, thinking how to make improvements. Then making any changes in a relaxed way (it can always be finished off tomorrow). Once completed the job should be admired, otherwise what's the point? Then any new planting should be inspected regularly, whilst giving the rest a once over.


I find the satisfaction of seeing seedlings germinate and grow immense. I have a number of large trees that I propagated and are now taller than the house.


Gardening involves physical exercise too, which we are told is health giving. The biggest mistake is to try and rush things. Nature has its own pace (and agenda) so we have to go with the flow. A hard lesson to learn, but once realised a remarkable improvement in health will result.


Then there is the kitchen garden. Not only do you get exercise and satisfaction, but you get your dinner too. A meal that you will enjoy more because it has been picked fresh, you know what was used in producing it and it hasn't been flown halfway round the world.


The catchment area of MVN is some of the most beautiful countryside, so get outside and do a bit in the garden, it is purely medicinal, but be careful you might start to enjoy it.

I've spent most of my time in the garden. the rest I've wasted.






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