We are arriving at one of the nicest periods of the gardening year, when we can harvest all the fruit that has been produced over the summer. We look like having plenty of Apples, Pears, Plums and Damsons. The birds have saved me troubling myself to pick the Cherries, as usual. This year my fruit trees have an added bonus with hop bines twining round them almost to the top so I should get a good number of fresh Hops for my sons new homebrew business which you can read about elsewhere in MVN.


We don't seem to get as many Bilberries. I remember as a child going up Bulkeley Hill with a bag to collect them. We always came back with an empty bag saying that there weren't many, but the purple lips and fingers gave the game away. Maybe it is the increasing numbers of walkers means that they are shared by more people.


The cool and dampness of this summer coupled with the lack of late spring frosts seems to have helped the fruit trees produce a good crop. It seems to have worked out about right, warm and wet enough to encourage cropping, but not wet enough to encourage fungi to rot the fruit.


We are coming to the best time for planting anything new in the garden. the slightly wetter ground and coolness allows plants to establish their roots for next spring when they can start to grow again. It amuses me that as a nursery we are really just selling roots, the leaves and stems are what people look at when they buy a plant. But it is the roots that are important, no one would buy just the stem of a plant and stick it in the garden.


Or would they?






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