Have a wander through the garden




All our gardens are at their best now, a range of different colours and shapes to see. So have a wander round and look at the results of all your work. Have a sniff of the flowers and the herbs. See what is thriving and anything that is struggling.


You never know you might start to enjoy it, little buds pushing their way open, a whiff of scent that you have to follow to find the source. The heroic little plant you thought had given up has struggled back to life. Then there is the wildlife: a birds nest in that tree, rabbits seem to like that, but leave this plant alone.


The patch of the garden that is not quite right, maybe I could try moving it round a bit and plant something else there that I have seen do well in a neighbours garden. But this is not today's job, because I'm just looking and thinking today.


You can read gardening books, watch and listen to gardening programmes, or read this nonsense. But  to really learn about plants and gardening you walk about and have a good look at your estates. Then take advantage of all the gardens open to the public and see what other people are up to.


By observation you will begin to understand what does well and why, and a few ideas may come to mind about future improvements and before you know it you have become a gardener in your own right.


So put down this book and go outside for a wander right now!


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