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The law relating to high hedges is something that good neighbours and gardeners should be aware of. A high hedge is a line of 2 or more evergreens which rises to a height of 2 metres above ground level.


Detailed information of the regulations can be found in a document called ĎHedge height and light lossí which can be downloaded for free on the internet on www.communities.gov.uk/documents/planningandbuilding/pdf/hedgeheight.pdf and is part of the antisocial behaviour act.


The way the regulations work are quite reasonable in that if you and your neighbour are quite happy with a great big hedge between you thatís fine everybody is happy and you donít have to look at each other Ďby lawí if you donít want to.


If you are unhappy with next doors hedge no matter how high, talk to them first it might be that they are thinking of cutting it back anyway and canít face the job. You could even offer to help them cut it back and end up with a new best friend. It could be the reverse and you both would like a little more privacy, so you would let the hedge grow a little higher.


If that does not work and next door have a hedge no more than 2 metres high there is nothing you can do about it.


If the hedge is well over 2 metres and you are unhappy about it download the Hedge height and light loss booklet. You will need a measuring tape, a compass and a calculator to work out the allowable height of your neighbourís hedge. The allowable height is worked out my multiplying the distance from your windows by a factor which varies depending on the compass bearing. There are other bits and pieces for sloping sites and hedges behind the boundary to be incorporated.


If you work it all out and it isnít over the limit, again there is nothing you can do but ask them to cut it back.


If the hedge exceeds the allowable height your neighbour could be required to cut it back, but you should discuss it with them because if you donít you will need very deep pockets.  Councils are always short of cash and they are the mediators for resolving hedge height disputes. Well what a surprise, they are allowed to charge for the service they provide, and they will !



Cutting a neighbourís hedge without asking them is not a good idea.


Did I mention talk to your neighbour?


Well thatís my understanding of the subject, but doní quote me.




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