Its Tidy Up Time





I suppose there always has to be a tidy up time every year, and its just arrived. Anyway its getting a bit too cool for sitting about relaxing, so you may as well do a bit of tidying up to keep warm while you get a bit of fresh air outside.


So there's collecting up fallen leaves, which you can either burn or compost and the hedges will all need trimming. The thing about getting little weeds out in the autumn is that they will have grown into monsters over the winter, so a little autumn job will turn into a big spring one.


Then there is the last cut of the lawn, then it grows again in a mild spell, so you have another last cut and before you know it, it's time for the first cut of the lawn in spring. The thing is to do it on a dry day and collect the grass clippings, so you will be collecting fallen leaves up at the same time and you will have a good mix of grass and leaves for the compost heap. Three jobs in one. Result!


A bit more interesting is dividing up herbaceous plants, well you double up your number of plants. You keep the extra ones that you like and appear very generous to neighbours by giving them the ones you are less fond of. Bear in mind that your neighbours are doing the same thing, so everybody has plenty of uninteresting plants given them and hoard all the good ones. But appear to be very generous.


This is where nurseries come in. We only sell nice plants!





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