June 2104




Half way through the year already! All the plants in the garden are at maximum growth as we approach the longest day. So now is the time to enjoy your garden whether it is dancing round on the solstice or having a barbeque.


If by any chance it gets so dry that you need to water the garden it is best done in the evening for two reasons. Firstly the water soaks in over the night rather than evaporating and secondly because droplets of water on the leaves act like little magnifying glasses and can burn holes in them on a sunny day. Remember that a good soak is what is required to draw the roots down to find the ground water, a bit of a splash on the surface does more harm than good.


An often neglected job in the garden is checking that tree ties are not too tight and strangling the poor thing. I have seen trees break off where they were tied too tightly, which is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. The object of staking a tree when planting it is to stop any wind rock while its roots grow into the earth. Once it has established the stake and tie should be removed. As a rule of thumb: By the time the stake has rotted off the tree should be well enough established to stand on its own. I always think that a big tree with a stake still attached looks like a teenager still in nappies.


Remember that the most important part of gardening is to enjoy being out doors.







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