Getting rid of Greenfly and other nasty bugs.




You can spray insecticide everywhere round your garden to get rid of the greenfly, whitefly and other nasties in your garden. But if you can encourage some Ladybirds to eat the bugs that you want to get rid of they will do the job for you.

It's all about balance really. What you need are enough Ladybirds in the early part of the year to eat the unwanted bugs as quickly as they are produced. The problems come when the aphids start to breed and there are not enough predators to eat them.

What happens when you use insecticide? All the insects are killed good and bad. Aphids can breed much faster than the bugs that eat them. So a few greenfly move in from next door and get breeding, and the few Ladybirds who fly in cannot reproduce quick enough to keep up with them. The result is an infestation.

So what  you want is to make sure you have somewhere for the Ladybirds to survive over winter then you will have plenty of them at the start of the season. You can buy a Ladybird house, but it is just a log with lots of holes drilled in it. So there is an opportunity for the DIY person to create their own, or you could just leave a pile of scrap wood round the back of the garden shed. I notice every spring that Ladybirds creep out of conifers when the weather warms up, they seem to yawn look round and look for a bit of breakfast, so I guess they must like to overwinter inside them.

It really comes down to the old chestnut of making your garden wildlife friendly. The pristine outdoor space that many garden designers seem to like needs continual maintenance. But allowing nature to get on with it means the garden will look after itself.Occasionally using an insecticide cannot be avoided, but it is better to plan your gardening practices to work with nature.





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