How to make your Hedge Dog Proof





We often get people coming to the nursery saying they want to plant a hedge to stop dogs getting into or out of the garden.


As any self respecting dog can push his way through any hedge this is what I always recommend. You put 3 foot high pig netting along the boundary, with the small holes to the bottom. Then plant any hedge right up to it and let the hedge grow through the pig netting. Trim the hedge either side of the netting enclosing it.


So all you see is a hedge, but dogs canít get through the netting. Small dogs canít get through the small holes at the bottom and bigger dogs are stopped by the bigger holes higher up. Above 3 ft you can let the hedge grow up high enough to stop them jumping over. But dogs seem to like pushing through the bottom of a hedge.


If you have an existing hedge you want to make dog proof, you can either cut back one side and put the pig netting right up to it and then leave the hedge to grow back through, or you can try to work the netting into the hedge which can be a bit tricky.


I prefer pig netting to chicken wire as the very small holes in the chicken wire can rub the bark off the stems of the hedge when it grows through the holes and look very untidy.


The only hedge I have ever come across which my terrier could not get through was a 4ft tall box hedge.


To stop cats coming into the garden the only answer is to get a terrier. Then you will have to make your hedge dog proof of course.





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