Now is the best time to plant in the garden.





Spring is the time when everybody feels like gardening, but Autumn is the ideal time do any changes to your garden. Anything planted in the Autumn has the benefit of the warm moist earth for its roots to grow into before the cold of Winter sets in, then it has another chance to put out more root as Spring begins to warm up again.


If you are thinking of creating a new lawn, now is the time to prepare the area and sow some seed. The price of lawn seed always surprises me, until I check out the price of turf! The preparation for both is about the same. I realise that rolling out a new lawn is really instant, but somehow a patch of bare earth does not look as sad in the Autumn as the Spring. You should get some germination before Winter sets in and have a lawn as you move into Spring. Any thin patches can be sprinkled with seed as we move into the Spring.


Shrubs and hedges grown in pots get away really well when planted in the Autumn, their roots have had an opportunity to grow into their new home during the Winter, so that they can thrive in the following year.


The exception being bare root trees and hedges, you have to wait until mid November when they have dropped their leaves before they can be transplanted whilst dormant. However they are always better if planted before Christmas, the longer you leave it towards the last chance in March when they leaf up again, the less are your chances of success without a lot of watering.


It is always so much easier to garden with nature than continually fight against it.


Probably true for life, not just gardening.




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