Plant a Tree for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee




To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee The Woodland Trust is Organising a Jubilee Tree Planting Scheme. You can give them a donation to plant a tree in the Diamond Woods.


But living in a rural area I really think that we could all do our bit and plant a tree somewhere. Even if you don’t have any room you could always find a space for a Diamond Jubilee Bonsai Tree or you could just plant a few Acorns in the hedgerows.


You then go to the Woodland Trust website where you say what you have planted and where on their ‘Pledge to Plant’ form and you will be included in the Royal Record that they are producing. You might even get an unexpected visitor coming to see your tree, make sure you have a few dog biscuits in for the corgi’s.


A similar scheme was run for The Coronation of King George 6th in 1932/3 and the complete record can be viewed on the Woodland Trust website. Looking at the record for Cheshire: 8 Silver Birch were planted by Malpas WI in the recreation ground, a Horsechestnut on Tiverton Smithy Green, and in Wrenbury an Oak was planted by all the persons of the village over seventy years of age. I wonder if the trees are still there or even if anyone can remember planting them (probably not at Wrenbury)?





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