Where to Plant a Tree





Planting trees in your garden make it complete. They give some shade, a place for the birds to make their nests, sit and sing for you. But most of all they give you some height and structure to what would be a pretty flat space.


So you dig a good sized hole, bigger than the roots, so that there is some soft ground for them to grow into. Then you put the tree in the hole and hammer in a stake on the West of the tree avoiding the roots and fasten the trunk and stake together with a tree tie. Then back fill the hole and water it in. The stake is put on the West of the trunk so that the prevailing wind blows the tree away from it and does not damage the bark.


The trick is to put them in the right place, you only get one chance to plant a tree because you canít move it after a few years when it is too big. If you look at the trees in a crowded woodland they are actually much further apart than you would think. So give a tree plenty of room. I know that when you plant a sapling it seems to be quite a tiny thing, but in a few years it will be quite large.


A classic mistake is made when putting a tree either side of the entrance. Well a lorry can be about eight and a half feet wide, so if I plant them ten feet apart there will be plenty of room. In a few years time the trees are a foot in diameter that will leave three inches either side for the driver to get through. Thatíll take his mirrors off. With respect to our ancestors a lot of the plantings along driveways were made when the biggest vehicle was a horse and cart, so they did leave plenty of room.


If you have plenty of space plant some really big native trees well apart, and for a smaller patch pick a species that will not get too big.




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