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This time of year you can really appreciate plants with berries. Of course the birds are jolly glad of them too!

I think my favourite is Pyracantha as it can have Red, Orange and Yellow berries, so if you plant them along a fence you can get a rainbow effect, and as a bonus it is an evergreen.


The classic plant for berries must be Holly with its deep red fruits. There is always a competition for Holly berries between man and the birds. How often have you thought 'I'll cut some of that lovely berried Holly next week to decorate the house for Christmas.' Just at the same time a little bird is thinking 'Those berries look yummy, I  better eat them before the 'two legs' take 'em.' If you are wondering why your Holly bush never has any berries, you probably have a male tree because only the female ones set berries.


Another good shrub with berries is Cotoneaster, with its Red berries. It always seems a bit strange that the best one to grow up a wall or fence is called 'Horizontalis'. This particular variety drops its leaves in the autumn, but this is more than made up for by its amazing herring bone effect of its branches.

Rose hips always look good in their varying sizes, from small ones on Dog Rose, to the large ones on Rosa Rugosa.


If you want to go a bit more exotic with Purple berries try Callicarpa.


Or if you want to think big, a rowan tree covers itself with clusters of berries, with the added bonus that it will keep witches away,(always a consideration).

Then there are the white berries on Mistletoe which have other connotations.




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