Nearly time to put the garden to bed for the winter




The clocks will change at the end of this month and the dark nights will be upon us (Winter is coming.) So now is the time to do a bit of a tidy up. Those little weeds in the borders will have turned into monsters by next spring if you leave them.

The leaves are just turning as I write this, the colours of the virginia creeper and amelanchia are tremendous. So few people when planning their garden include the colour of the leaves turning, the shades of red, orange and yellow often outshine many flowers. The only downside is collecting the leaves, but it does give you an excuse for a bonfire, or less interestingly the compost heap. This is why you should not just fill your garden with evergreens, deciduous plants remind us of the changing seasons, after all our garden is our connection with nature.

Anything that has got too big and you have been planning to attack. Now is the time to cut it back and it should recover by next summer. I am planning to remove a large conifer that waves its branches towards the overhead power lines. So I am getting a professional in to sort it, it is important to know your limitations, because once a tree is on the way down it decides where it is going.

Then there is cutting the hedges which always looks a bigger job than it is. Its the clearing up afterwards that takes the most time.

Tidying the mower and putting it away for the winter used to be an autumn job, but now the grass just keeps on growing so the poor old mower never gets a rest, except when its snowing.





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