The Rebirth of the Garden after Winter





Now the clocks have changed people who work 9 to 5 can get into their gardens in the evenings. It goes like this: Oh my God the garden needs a good sorting out! Where shall I start?


Its usually not too bad, mowing the lawn is always a good start, then rake up any dead leaves and put them on the compost heap. Things look better already. By then you usually start to think, I could do to put something in here or there.


Dont be tempted to put bedding plants out for another month or they will get caught by late frost. Gardening is all about following the seasons, which is often forgotten in our 24 hour society. Whilst writing this I am desperate to get some lawn seed planted but if I plant it now all I will be doing is feeding the birds. However by the time this is printed and delivered to you it will have been planted and started to grow if the claims on the packet are to be believed.


Its about time to pull all the dead bits off the herbaceous perennials. This always makes things look better. Then prune back anything that is looking at you annoyingly.


Next comes the vegetable patch. The keen gardeners amongst you will already have a plan of campaign with seedlings growing on the window sill and the beds turned over in the autumn. The rest of us can nip out and buy some seeds of anything that looks tasty, then a bit of digging and raking and away they grow.


The garden once again becomes a pleasant place to be in. You can just relax or fettle about a bit, whatever you fancy.




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