Springtime in the Garden





Spring to me is the most exiting time of year. All the deciduous plants swell their buds and burst into leaf. This is the reason why a garden should not be limited to evergreens, if you do you will loose that connection to nature that a garden brings.


An evergreen hedge is excellent for privacy and can be thought of as a living barrier to your garden. Inside the garden about two thirds deciduous plants to one third evergreens is a good mix. This gives you some winter interest with the rest of the garden marking the seasons.


As the days get longer and the temperature rises the plants in your garden are working out when to push up some sap and burst their buds into leaf. It must not be too early as a late hard frost could kill the first tender leaves. Most trees can put a second set of leaves from dormant buds which the tree has for backup. Unfortunately the Acer family of trees donít have secondary buds, so they can not afford to loose their first set if leaves.


The sturdy oak, a stalwart of the British countryside, is fascinating. It supports more wildlife than any other tree. The first leaves each Spring are considerably weaker than the main leaf cover, they are to kick start the tree into life by producing some energy from the sun which the tree uses to make the main leaves that will last throughout the summer. These early leaves are expendable. They give the tree a good start each Spring so that it can get into leaf before the rest of the forest and start to grow. Life is competitive in the plant world too. Itís just a bit more subtle.


To me Springtime is the time when I can put my coat away and watch mother nature come back into life after Winter. I think the little birds know something about it too. Donít you?




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