Springtime Rant





It’s March already. A bit of warmth and sunshine is just what the doctor ordered. The clocks are due to change at the end of the month. I usually come out of hibernation about now and have a poke round the garden. ‘

Well I better cut the grass and have a tidy up’.


This winter the wet weather has been the biggest problem to plants, the soil has been water logged for months. This gives problems with the roots of many species, they need air in the soil as well as moisture. If they are waterlogged for a long time the roots will start to rot, and the first thing you know is when they wilt and fall over. I always think it sounds odd plants wilting because it is too wet, but the underground part of the plant is just as important as the stem and leaves.


It is never easy.

First we are expecting a new ice age: So plant a forest to provide your descendents with logs for the fire.

Then it’s global warming: So plant things that can stand drought.

What do we get? Floods.

So what do I recommend to plant for the future? Probably whatever you jolly well like. If you bear in mind what seems to thrive in your patch you have as much chance of getting it right as by taking advice from the ‘experts’.


I would include in ‘whatever you like’ anything you like to eat as well as look at. Or you could go native. If you put in native species, the little tweety birds will get something they like to eat, be it berries or bugs. I am not sure whether to encourage Ratty and Mole in my Wind in the Willows moment though.


I wonder what moles do in times of floods? They should make excellent swimmers with those big flippers for feet.





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