Straight Lines or Natural Curves.




Take one look at any garden and you can read the personality of the gardener. ( Have I been reading too much Agatha Christie? )

The boundaries of our garden are usually defined by the size of the plot of land that our house is built on, so we are rather stuck with straight lines for the hedges or fences. But inside the boundaries we are able to do anything we like. Some people go for straight borders inside the hedges and a rectangular lawn, others go for wavy lines ending in a rounded lawn.

Then there are the shrubs, some are neatly clipped into little balls with a space between them. Others are a mass of uncontrolled intertwined plantings allowing them to take up their natural shape.

I suppose that we are stuck with hedges being straight and level, but I have to admit a fondness for the Yew Hedge at Powis Castle which undulates up and down as well as in and out.

How many people put up a line of fence panels then have to cover them in climbers to stop the garden feeling like a prison, but the true test is whether they train the climbers or let them go wild.

Then there are the torturers, you can always spot them as they go in for espalier fruit trees, pleached limes and the like which involve stretching plants with wires to conform to their will.

So what you do now is look at someone's garden then at the person to see if they match up. Then if you dare, look objectively at your own garden and at yourself!




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