Summer 2013





We had such a late Spring this year. I predict an enormous fruit crop. All the trees flowered so late that the frost didnít catch them. So start saving jam jars and dust off your grannyís recipe book ready to make some jam or wine.


The big question is whether we will get enough sunshine to ripen the fruit. Happily most of our native plants seem to prefer cool wet summers rather than barbeque weather that most people enjoy.


For plants the garden is a competitive environment they need to produce fruit and seed, not for us, but to continue their species. The trees try to steal the water and light from the shrubs and grasses. The shrubs are all trying to push each other out and the low growing plants are trying to fill in all the gaps. So what they all want is sufficient water and light to take over. I expect you will have noticed that if you neglect your garden it turns itself into a jungle quite quickly.


In the end the trees would take over but for the attack of the frenzied lumberjack (or strimmer fiends). There are other balancing factors like gales blowing trees down, but probably more trees fall naturally due to rot than anything else, the wind just finishes them off.


So a bit of time fettling in the garden keeps it all under control. Be careful though you might start to enjoy it.



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