The ‘Been on Holiday’ Blues




Okay you have come back from your holiday. The garden looks a right mess. So much work, where to start? Mow the grass, cut the hedges, weed the borders. You can’t do it all at once. Bet you wish you had tidied up before you went, but getting away in a big silver bird seemed much more interesting.


You could get a tarmac crew in. There’s a man in Malpas who could help you out with that.


But the best way to sort it out is to have a go at the thing that annoys you the most. It usually isn’t as big a job as it looks. Then have a rest. Another job soon will begin to loom at you. So have a go at that one, and so on. Very soon there will be just a few little jobs left.


Sadly the really tough jobs are always the little ones. They don’t look much, but they just grow and grow. Like when you run out of petrol for the mower half way through the job or cut the hedge trimmer cable. However, if you have already sorted out the things that really annoyed you, they are not still hanging over you.


So you can take your time, no pressure. Beware though you might start to enjoy being out in the fresh air doing stuff with your hands. Maybe you should give up the job and become a landscape gardener or heaven forbid ‘a nurseryman’.





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