The British Obsession with the Weather





British people wouldn't communicate if it wasn't for our changeable weather. How often do we strike up a conversation with 'Lovely Day' or some such weather related comment.


It is this changeable weather pattern that gives us our conversation starters and helps our gardens thrive as well as our agriculture. It must be so hard for people in places such as Africa when the rains don't come.


Plants are the ultimate solar energy generators, light being absorbed by the leaves and this energy chemically stored in the cells of the new growth. The carbon dioxide from the air is taken in and the carbon removed, releasing the oxygen back to the atmosphere. Water and nutrients are sucked from the ground through the roots, which also give the plant stability. So all that a plant needs to survive is water, air, sunlight, nutrients and somewhere to grow its branches and roots. Different species have adapted to variations of environment so that is why we have plants for sunny spots, shade, wet, or dry etc. What we have is a fully automatic, self supporting, self perpetuating, solar energy system.


Often people ask me how to look after whatever they are planting, and my view is that any self respecting plant should be able to survive if you plant it in the right place, at the right time of year. Plantings in the autumn winter and early spring are easy. It is only if planted late spring and summer are you likely to need to water things to get them going, and even then for most of our summers you can be neglectful and get away with it.


The ideal for me is if it rains at night and sunny in the daytime, but maybe that is being a little optimistic.






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