The Pleasure  of Gardening is Watching it Grow





I completely understand people who come to the nursery wanting a big plant  for their garden. The number of times that I have planted something in my garden which looked so small and sad. Even what looked like a large specimen on the nursery looks tiny when in the large empty space that it is expected to fill.

But be not downhearted, if you have picked the right plant it will fill the space. That sad little plant that looked like an orphan will fill out and after a year or two's growing it will start to belong.

The best tree for measuring time is the Monkey Puzzle as it puts a tier of  branches each year a bit like a wedding cake. So if you want to know how old a Monkey Puzzle is count the number of layers of branches, (it saves cutting it down and counting the rings).

It is such a pleasure to see that little specimen that you planted maturing into a fine big tree.

The most important part of planting is planning what you want it to end up like when matured. The quick fix of something rapid is often a future nightmare of constant pruning. That is why the garden makeover is so sad. Gardens should grow and evolve.

As a child I was fascinated that I could root a twig and it would turn into a tree. I still have some of the trees that I grew from cuttings growing round the hedgerows. Some are quite tall now and they are rather older than I would care to admit. That is why I am so lucky to be a nurseryman.


Well back to watching the plants grow.





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