We seem to be inundated with queen wasps this Spring. They hibernate in our woodpile, then when the logs come into the house they think it's spring and crawl out and buzz round the house. We have an insect grabber to pick them up and put them outside, so it could be just one wasp that keeps coming back in for a warm. I blame the people that sell insect hotels, that's what gave the critters the idea of sleeping in my log pile.


The good thing about wasps is that they get rid of lots of aphids in the garden, so without them you would have lots more creepy crawlies in the vegetable patch eating your salad before you get to it, or making a mess of the roses. Then they tidy up any rotten fruit that's gone bad before you get to eat it. So they aren't all bad.


The annoying bit is when you're having a barbeque and they invite themselves. We always light incense to discourage them, I don't think they are comfortable with Buddhist meditation.


I much prefer bees to wasps, and am particularly fond of bumblebees, they just seem to be happy buzzing round the garden minding their own business ( I think I'm having a Beatrix Potter moment). The fact that a bee will die after stinging you must do a lot to curb it's aggressive tendencies.


I read a few articles about how to avoid getting wasps in your garden, and basically if you avoid having any flowers or fruit growing the wasps will go elsewhere, so basically if you've got a nice garden you will always have some wasps too. Probably best to live with them, they are part of Mother Nature's grand plan.





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