What to give a Gardener for Christmas




I was looking  on ebay for some ideas for my Christmas list and I found a wonderful tool, a trowel and bottle opener combined. So some refreshment can easily be opened whilst doing a bit of gardening, rather than trying to get the top off with a stick. Should be combined with a rustic looking cool box.


Probably the most useful tool for a gardener is a Swiss Army Knife,( possibly with a bottle opener and corkscrew ). The number of times I have heard 'A gardener should never be seen without a good sharp knife'. Although I prefer my trusty left handed Felco secateurs with a leather holster.


The books that I find most useful are the Garden Expert series by Dr D G Hessayon, they are the ones that I usually go to first for information, even before Google!


My favourite spade and forks are ordinary steel ones with plastic handles, they don't get rusty if they are used regularly and plastic handles don't rot away or break as easily as wooden ones. I have never understood the garden tools with interchangeable heads, the stale is the cheapest part, so why not have a good rake, hoe etc. without fiddling about.


The fashion for coloured wheelbarrows is rather jolly, they certainly look much better than a rusty builders barrow when left in a corner of the garden. I have replaced the pneumatic tyres on my barrows with solid ones, they always seemed to go flat at the most inconvenient times. I do accept that pneumatic ones are easier to push, but only if they have air in them.


Then there is the gardening  trug. If you want to play 'Diary of an Edwardian Country Lady/Gentleman' it is an essential bit of kit together with a tired looking straw hat, more often seen worn by those in supervisory roles.




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