Make your own Christmas Wreath




The shops are full of Christmas decorations.


It is so much more satisfying to make your own. A wreath is easy to make. Have a look at them in the shops there is not much too them.


You get some long birch twigs or conifer stems and wind them into a ring, weave them through the centre, round the outside and through the middle again and so on. It is a good idea to tie them with some ribbon or wire to make sure they donít unwind. Or you can buy a metal wreath ring, wrap it with moss and tie it on with wire. That is the basis of the wreath.


All you need to do now is decorate it with some holly, fir cones, conifer twigs, a bit more ribbon and some creativity. The decorations are usually fastened on with wire which is pushed through the ring and bent over.


The hardest bit is getting some holly with berries. One day the tree is covered with berries, you think ĎIíll cut some tomorrow for Christmas.í The next morning the early bird has stripped the tree. So cut some early and keep it in a cool place.


A trek up the woods to collect some fir cones, you can spray them gold or silver or go au-natural. Just keep your eyes open and use your imagination you can use whatever you like, dried leaves, nut shells, birch bark, anything that looks good.


The only thing that doesnít work is a stem with leaves that have turned bronze or red. It looks great but by Christmas all you have a twig and a pile of leaves on the floor.


If you have any bits over have a go at some table decorations or anything else that takes your fancy.



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