All year round colour in the garden.






I guess every one wants their garden to look great every day of the year. But how is it done?


Well get out the gardening books and pour over them for days. The trouble is that all plants flower at slightly different times in different parts of the country. So Alan Tichmarsh is right in his book if you live in Yorkshire. (Or is it London?) But that is not quite right for Malpas.


I had a chap come to the Nursery to get a few plants once a month for a year. After about six months something began to stir in the little grey cells.


 So I asked “What am I missing here? Every month you pick a few good looking plants.”


“Well” he replied. “If I plant a few things that look nice every month my garden will be colourful and look good all year round.”


Brilliant and yet so simple. It also spreads the workload. Who was this cunning devil? Your secret is safe with me Peter. Oops!


Using this method we are not allowed by the plants to forget all the other delights that they have such as scent, changing leaf and stem colour. Many species have leaves that outshine their flowers.


Gradually building up a garden often produces a better result than doing it all at once. After all we are the product of evolution.


One final tip. If you are planting something to look good in winter put it so that you can see it out of the window. It can cheer you up no end in those cold winter months.



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