How many Barbeques makes a Barbeque Summer?







I reckon we had about five barbeques this summer, two more than last year. We just finished the bag of charcoal from two years ago. Might have to buy a new bag for next year.  I had some barbequing lessons this year from the man I bought my new barbeque from (The old one had rusted away). Apparently the meat is not supposed to look like charcoal when it is cooked, but thatís how I like it.


All the plants in the garden grew really well this summer which just shows that most plants like warm and wet conditions. New plantings did not have to struggle through a long dry spell and by now will have a good enough root system to get them through future long hot summers.


So what to do next?


Well now is the time to make any changes you want for next year.


Dig over the veg patch or start a new one. Dig some manure in to get bigger tatties than next door. Any preparation you do now will pay dividends by getting next years veg off to a good start.


If you are planning to lay a new lawn sow the seed now and by next Spring it will have grown into a lawn at a fraction of the cost of laying turf. I know the instant effect of laying turf is quite spectacular. But for me seeing the ground slowly turn from brown earth to a tinge of green as the seed germinates followed by the green swathes of an established lawn is so much more satisfying.


Any rearrangement of the garden can best be done in the Autumn as most plants can be moved more successfully than at any other time of year. Evergreens are the exceptions as they are better moved in the Spring. So donít put it off any longer, get that border that has been annoying you for years sorted out.


However if your garden is just perfect already I should put your feet up and look smug. Youíve earned it.





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