Brave Little Plants






Walking round the nursery I notice the buds already swelling on the many shrubs and trees. After another really hard winter the brave little plants are already getting ready for spring, because that is what they do. I donít know how I would have fared living outside through last winter. You have to wonder how our cave man ancestors survived at all.


So itís time to get the seed box out and decide what to plant this year. I was given a packet of Yin Yang Bean Seeds recently, each bean looks just like the Tai Chi Symbol, so they are a must this year. It is always hard to know when to plant seeds. They should be ready to plant out just as the weather picks up. The best advice that I can give is that tender young plants put out a bit late will always overtake ones that have been set back by the cold after being planted out early.


Hardy plants should be planted as soon as possible, particularly if they are bare rooted. They want to get their roots going ready for the Summer. Hardy plants are just the opposite of tender ones, an early start can really get them moving. Once bare rooted plants have come into leaf it is too late to move them. Potted trees and shrubs can be planted at any time but spring and autumn are best. The ideal time to plant evergreens is at the end of the winter, so I will leave that to you to work out.


So much of gardening is down to the weather, common sense, experience and sheer guesswork. There are very few rights and wrongs in gardening, you can probably learn more about what will do well in your garden by copying next door. As long as they are not copying you.




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