December in the Garden

Or: Itís nice and warm by the Fireside



Brr!  Itís cold outside.


Nice warm fire. No grass to mow.


Itís time to get the seed catalogue out and think about next year in the garden.


Seeds have always fascinated me, they can be anything from a coconut to looking like dust, as begonia seeds do. But all of them have the magic properties that given a bit of warmth and water they come to life and grow into a plant.


How do they work? I donít know, for all the words written about them and botanical names given to the parts of them there is still somewhere inside them a little bit of magic passed on from the parent which gives them life.


My old metalwork teacher used to say to me. ďThere are lots of clever people who say that they can make anything. Try asking them to make a grain of corn.Ē Probably the most useful fact I learnt at school, but what it had to do with metalwork I do not know.


I like to try one new plant seed a year. The sensitive plant (Mimosa Pudica) is fascinating, you touch the leaves and it collapses, then slowly the leaves come back up again. Growing a coconut looks interesting, but where can I get a packet of seed from?


Unusual herbs can be fun, you could become the local witch doctor. Red Sage tea sounded interesting and seems to be a cure for most things, so I grew some Red Sage but I have yet to try the tea.


Try some exotic fruit and veg. I grew melons one summer, they were delicious. Have you tried Kohl Rabi, Tokyo Bekana or Asparagus Peas?


Have a go. Try something different.


But please donít poison yourselves.

Or you will miss next months My Village News.




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