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How many times do you hear somebody on a Monday morning say to you something like? ‘ I’ve  been gardening all weekend and I can hardly move today.’ Well they have probably overdone it bit.


If you go to the gym you don’t go straight into full power exercise, you always start with a warm up exercise. So when you are gardening you don’t go at digging the veg patch or cutting a tree down straight away. Do a few bits of jobs tidying up just to get the body moving before getting into the heavy jobs. I often find that weighing a new job up before I start gives me an idea to make it half the work.


The Ancient Chinese Sages understood that the difference between work and exercise is that exercise should be effortless in mind and body. You could always try coming to my Tai Chi Class to experience the difference. (7 o’clock on a Wednesday evening at Bishop Heber High School.)


Gardening can be relaxing and beneficial. Remember that you are doing it for pleasure. There is no rush, take your time, enjoy the moment, listen to the birds singing and leave your troubles behind. The garden will transform into a place of pleasure and beauty.


Coming back to safety My Grandad used to say ‘Always cut fro-t-yer never cut to-t-yer then yer won’t cut-yer.’ I’ll leave you to work that one out, but I am sure he would have said: ‘Get some other silly b****r to cut down a tree with a chainsaw.’, if chainsaws had been invented when he was alive.


So if you have a big job that you are not sure how to do, get some help. But always remember as Confucius says ‘Getting someone to help you for nothing can cost you a lot more in earache than paying for it.’




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