The double edged sword of encouraging wildlife.




The other day I was looking out of the window into the garden and there was a pair of bullfinches hopping about in a tree. How nice to see such a beautiful bird in the garden! But wait a minute they are in my amelanchier tree eating the flower buds. Horrid little birds.


Never mind its nice to see the little dicky birds on the bird table in the cold weather. But wait a minute they are spilling half of it on the ground and mice (and worse) are coming for the feast too.


Have you seen those little boxes of sticks in all the garden centres to protect the insects over winter. We have got an enormous pile of sticks in a big box that we call the log shed. I know that insects like to hide in it in the cold weather because happy little queen wasps come buzzing out of the log basket most evenings thinking spring has arrived. Grrrrr.


You might remember a little mole that I saved in October 2009. Yes, he is doing just fine. How do I know? Well he has found a girlfriend and had lots of children. Yes they are very busy making tunnels and moving earth piling it up all over my lawn.


I guess that they have as much right to live as we have and it is nice to see them.


Now lets sing.


All things bright and beautiful

All creatures great and small

They all live in my garden

And try to wreck it all





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