Fragrant Gardening




What could be nicer than to walk round your garden on a summerís evening with a mass of colour and get wisps of fragrance drifting on the breeze?


Sometimes when the hay fever is not playing up I wander around and catch a hint of a scent. I am like a bloodhound sniffing round the garden trying to find where the aroma is coming from.


So if you want a few hints on spicing up your garden there are plenty of easy ways to do it:


Try planting aromatic shrubs where they will get knocked as you walk around and they will give off a scent. My favourites are Lavender or Rosemary round the patio or edging paths. Creeping Thyme can be planted in the cracks of a path so that it gives off its scent as you walk by.


The old favourite of Honeysuckle on an arch is good. Plant an early flowering variety up one side and a late one up the other so it lasts twice as long. Add a bit of Summer Jasmine to complete the effect. I am not a big fan of rose arches since I was attacked by one as a child at my aunties, but the therapy is helping.


There are countless flowering shrubs: My favourite is Viburnum Carlesii which has white flowers with the most glorious scent. Philadelphus Virginal is an old favourite can fill your garden with fragrance and is really easy to grow. Roses are brilliant for summer colour, but to avoid disappointment make sure you pick a fragrant variety.


 I like to grow herbs round the patio and keep throwing sprigs on the barbeque; it smells so much better than charcoal smoke. It might even stop your neighbours complaining if you smoke them out, especially if you give them a glass of wine too.



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