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    2017 2016
February   Spring is on its way How to Dig a Hole
March   The Most Environmentally Friendly way to Garden Mild Winter
April   April is Tidy Up Time (& Nemamatodes for vine weevil) April Plantings
May   The British Obsession with the Weather Dandelion & Burdock
June   Wasps Hops
July   Gardening for Children Gardening is Good for You
September   Herbal Edges Harvest
October   Nearly Time to Put Garden to Bed for the Winter Pests
November   Straight Lines or Natural Curves How High Will it Grow
December     What to Give a Gardener for Christmas
  2015 2014 2013
February Starting Seeds Growing Tree Seeds How to make your hedge dog proof
March Filling a Big Space in the Garden Springtime Rant Optimism
April Gardening is a Gamble Summer Colour The Rebirth of the Garden After Winter
May Fashion in Hedges Are you eating enough veg?

The Garden Makeover

June Mixed Packets of Seeds June 2014 Planting a Tree
July Have a wander through the garden Ladybirds Summer
September Now is the best time to plant in the garden Wild Flowers The Been on Holiday Blues
October Its Tidy Up Time Collecting Seeds Hedge Cutting
November Plants with Berries Feeding the Birds Tidying the Garden for Winter
December Choosing a Christmas Tree The Pleasure of Gardening is Watching it Grow Gardening in December
  2012 2011 2010
February Plant a Tree for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Winter Gardening Rambles Iíve just started a veggie patch
March The Double Edged Sword of Encouraging Wildlife Brave little plants

Give Plants a Chance

April Water Conservation Winter Blues


May Garden Appreciation Sowing a Lawn The elf of safety
June Reflections on Spring Here comes the sun Zen Gardens
July Step into the Garden How to avoid Weeding High Hedges Legislation
September Ilex Crenata My Litte Experiment How to make a Box Shape Make Your own Compost
October Peppermint Tea My Favourite Garden Plants Layering
November Hardwood Cuttings in the Autumn How To Prune The Dark Nights
December Make your own Christmas Wreath Christmas Gifts for Gardeners Gardening for Children
    2008 2007


Happy New Year in the Garden.  
March Topiary. Planting Up a Border.  
April The Art of Gardening. How About a Veg Patch?  
May Spring Time in the Garden How to get more Wildlife in your Garden How to Start a New Garden.
June The Big Cleanup If Summer Dosen't Come Soon It'll Be Autumn. Trees:The answer to global warming.


Keeping the Garden Looking Good All year round colour in the garden.
August Summer Colour Let nature do the work for you How to keep plants alive during the hot summer months.
September Choosing a Hedge Grow your own Fruit. Fragrant Gardens.

How many barbeques make a barbeque summer

Moving a Tree. Autumn.  Explains moving plants bare rooted  in  Winter.
November A visit from Mr. Mole The Mysteries of Mistletoe. Sorting out the Garden for Winter.
December What to give a Gardener for Christmas   December in the Garden.

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