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Are you tired of buying big lumps of coloured plastic for children each Christmas? Usually they open the box and play with it for at least half an hour before losing interest.


You could try giving them a few tools, seeds and pots and set them up as little gardeners. For Christmas you could get some seeds to be sown on the windowsill and grown on so that they can be planted out in the garden in the spring. Herbs would be quite good or Sun Flowers. All the seed companies seem to have packets of seeds for children that look fun.


For tools a little red wheelbarrow is essential (well I always wanted one), a spade, rake, hoe, trowel and watering can.


You will have to give the kids a little space in the garden and be prepared for their individual design expertise to be expressed. So it could get a bit messy, then again it might look better than the rest of the garden. If they have a Wendy House let them make a garden round it.


To keep children interested what is really required is quick success and if it can be eaten thatís a bonus. So Mustard and Cress is really good, you get quick results and you can eat it fairly quickly. Or if you want to go a little Oriental what about beansprouts? They can be eaten in a few days.


Another plant that fascinates children is the Sensitive Plant which moves when touched. It can easily be grown on the windowsill from seed and collapses every time it is touched, then picks itself up again. Cacti are usually a big success, the nasty and spikier the better.


You will have to give them some help, but that should be a good thing too. Itís surprising what you can learn yourself when trying to answer some of the original questions that only children ask.





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