A Happy New Year in the Garden



Christmas is bye and all that‘s left to show is a few extra inches on the waistline. Put on your warm coat and boots and get out in the garden. Breathe in some fresh air.


Don’t forget to warm up your muscles gently before doing anything strenuous.

A bit of a tidy up is always worthwhile and it makes you feel you have done something worthwhile for very little effort.


I bet the birds could do with a treat, they must be freezing and hungry. The best thing to do is move the bird table outside the window, then you can all have lunch together. It is much more entertaining than watching daytime TV.


What to do with the lawn? Do I cut the grass or just leave it? I usually end up giving it a very light trim on a dry day. That gets up the dead leaves and tidies it up.


Just looking round can be quite interesting. All the trees are already thinking about the coming Spring. Tiny leaves are starting to form unseen in the buds, ready to burst out as soon as the temperature rises and the days lengthen. The evergreens are standing smugly, their waxy jackets keeping out the cold and wet. Best leave them to get on with it, unless any branches have been broken by the wind.


Any hardy plants you want to put in can be planted anytime now as long as the ground is not frozen or covered with snow. It gives them a chance to put out some roots ready to grow in the spring.


A bonfire is always fun, as long as we are allowed one. Dead leaves and branches disappear in a cloud of smoke and it keeps you nice and warm as well.


Wow look the garden looks splendid, you feel invigorated. Those extra inches have disappeared for free. So be smug. Sit down. Say to yourself “I’ve got will power.” You have earned that hot chocolate.



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