Here Comes the Sun





We have had the hottest and driest April since last year. So what of the Summer to come, will it follow last year and rain till October? Or will it scorch the garden for the next few months?


You could get out the yarrow sticks and the Book of Changes or read the tea leaves. But I would suggest looking up. No not at the sky. Look at John and Ann our publisherís roof: What do you see? Yes! New solar panels; so it has to rain non stop till Christmas.


The truth is that nobody knows what the weather will bring. When I was at college our lecturer was convinced that if you looked at todayís weather and assumed that tomorrow would be the same you would be correct more often than the weather forecast is. Doesnít work in the long term though.


What use is this to the gardener? Well plant things that can cope with extremes of weather. Particularly in positions of importance in the garden. So if you would like to have a Palm tree with monkeys climbing up it, put it somewhere where itís loss would not ruin the whole layout of the garden.


Or to put it another way. What is the oldest tree that you see around here? Look in a churchyard. Yewíve got it.

What sort of hedge to you think would last the longest? I donít know what do yew think?


So Iím off to stock up on fir cones and seaweed.




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