How to Start A New Garden


Well it is a new magazine so let’s look at new gardens.

OK so you have just moved into a new house but the builder forgot to do anything with the garden. So what’s to be done? Get a professional in or have a go yourself?

But I don’t know what to do. Help!

Well what I did was level the ground out a bit then sow grass seed over the lot and put a hedge along the boundary. Leave it a while and see what it looks like. ‘Hey Presto!’ You have just made a garden.

Later on you can add a few trees and shrubs.

What about all those questions ‘Is the soil suitable? Sun or shade? Etc.’ Well the good news is: Most plants will grow anywhere. All you have to do is put the roots in the ground and give them a drink of water to start them off  and watch them grow. During long dry spells young plants will need a bit of extra watering.

Or maybe you will want to grow your own fruit and vegetables in one part. It is amazing to taste the difference between home grown tomatoes and shop ones. So have a go, a few packets of seed is all you need.

I think somewhere to sit out and admire your handiwork is essential. So a patio or some decking is good.

This is where the garden comes into its own. Your head is spinning after a surreal day at work. It does not matter. A glass of wine, a chair in the garden, lets have a barbeque.




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