If Summer doesnít come soon itíll be Autumn.

(Or a garden ramble)




This is the third time that I have put my coat away till next winter. Will the moths get a chance this time?


This is the most exciting time in the garden for me. All the plants have woken up from their Winter slumbers. The birds are busy with their nests. The days are longer giving the opportunity to be outside for a while after work. The prospect of outdoor living can again become a reality for the Summer.


This is what garden planning is for. You have to think ĎWhat gives me the most pleasure in my garden?í Then you change things around with this in mind.


If you are lucky enough to live in the same house for a long time, even since childhood, it is nice to see the changes of the garden through the years. A garden should evolve with the changing needs of the owner.


Gardens go in cycles, starting with childrenís play areas, then as the children grow up things gradually get more ornamental and tidy. The primary colours of plastic play equipment changing through the years to many coloured flower borders. Then the primary colours are back for the next generations of grandchildren. All these changes are watched over by the trees. I wonder what they think? I donít think they mind when another swing is tied to their branches.


The real stalwarts of a garden are the mature shrubs and trees, the older the better. Nothing can match a tree that has stood for hundreds of years, it wonít live for ever, but left alone it will probably last for a few hundred more.


The idea of the makeover seems unnatural to me. If you keep on digging up all the plants and changing everything around nothing ever matures. I prefer to tinker at the edges and develop things slowly trying to include what is already there and add to it.


cartoon.gif (4098 bytes)Occasionally a old tree has to be removed but this should be after a much deliberation as you canít put it back. I suppose this means that you should always think carefully when planting a new tree and try to position it so that it will get the opportunity to flourish for many years to come.



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