Keeping the Garden Looking Good




Summer is here which is the time when you will probably get the most use out of your garden. So you will want the garden to look its best.


The easiest  way to brighten up the garden in the summer is with bedding plants as they will provide masses of flowers until Autumn. Most people use tubs and hanging baskets, but the biggest difficulty with them is keeping them watered, particularly hanging baskets. One method which is successful with baskets is to put a few ice cubes in them just before going out to work, then as the ice melts slowly the basket is watered. Or you can add swell gell to the compost as this holds lots of water a bit like a nappy.


Then there is the lawn which sets the garden off. The down side of the lawn is that it needs cutting regularly to keep it neat. We have got rid of much of the lawn edging by growing a box hedge around it and mowing  right up to it. Keeping the mower sharp and mowing on a dry day are the best ways for an even and quick cut of the grass. Another useful tip from a friend who hates mowing is to put a drop of whiskey in a watering can and damp the grass with it before cutting. Then the grass is half cut before you start. Thanks for that John. (I think he drinks the rest himself. See picture below.)


Otherwise this is when the garden comes into its own you can sit out in it, have a barbeque, play football, or croquet. I would much rather be outside on a summer evening listening to the birds and looking at the real world than sitting inside with the TV shouting at me. Anyway thatís me off outside now Iíve had enough of the computer




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