Let Nature do the Work for You




As Summer draws to a close the ideal time for doing things in the Garden has arrived.


All the plants in your garden are thinking itís time to stop growing and get ready for the winter. So we start to see Autumn Tints on the trees and berries ripening. This is why a garden needs a good mixture of deciduous and evergreens.


The berries will help to feed the birds through the winter, look how soon holly berries disappear just before Christmas when it gets colder. Every year I think we have plenty of holly with berries for decoration, but as soon as I go out to get some the berries have been eaten. I suppose a little birdís dinner is more important than a few sprigs to put round my house.


Any planting you do this time of year is half the work to look after as Mother Nature does the job for you. Everything gets watered regularly and it is not too hot, but the ground is still warm. All the plant has to do is stay alive and put some roots down through the winter so that it is ready to start growing next spring.


Grass seed sown in the autumn will magically produce a lawn for next spring at a fraction of the cost of turf. It is worth looking out for slow growing grass seed. Think of the hours you will save in the next few years mowing


If you can get some plants in the garden that ring the changes from now till the spring it will help to connect you with the changing seasons of nature. We seem to be losing this connection with nature with indoor lifestyle. I remember when I worked in an office I was detached from the outdoor world particularly in the winter when I went to work and came home in the dark. So anything with berries, winter flowers, autumn colour is well worth searching out. Evergreens are well worth having, particularly as a screen, but always remember that they do not change much through the year.


If you followed my advice in the April issue of My Village News and started a veg patch you can harvest all of your crops and enjoy them. Maybe an orchard would be worth considering, but weíll leave that till next time.



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