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How many of us have planted a nice little tree in the garden not really thinking ahead. Then being a tree it starts to grow. A few years down the line the nice little tree is a lot bigger. It is now that you realise that it wants to be a very big tree when it grows up.


What do you do? Leave it and hope? Saw it down? Well do not despair maybe you could move it. A deciduous tree if it is not too big can often be moved successfully in the autumn once its leaves have dropped. I feel that you might as well try to move it if the only alternative is to cut it down. If it grows you and the tree win. If it dies you have not lost anything, sadly the tree looses, but at least you gave it a chance.


How to move it? Dig out a hole for its new home first, then dig round and under the roots leaving as much soil and root as you think you can move safely. Slip some polythene sheet under the roots and drag the tree roots and all to its new site and drop it in. Pull the polythene from underneath and fill round the roots. Put a stake to steady it in the wind and water it well. It is a good idea to prune the branches so that the reduced root system has less top to support in the spring when it comes into leaf. If you have access to a digger you can often scoop up the whole tree roots and all and put it its new home.


Once leaves are off it is also the ideal time for planting bare root trees and hedging. Pot grown plants can be planted at any time of the year.


If you want to move an evergreen this is much more tricky and should be done at the end of the winter. Unlike deciduous trees, winter is the hardest time for evergreens to survive as they have to keep some water going to their leaves in the cold winter nights. While we are sitting round a glowing fire feeling cosy.


National Tree Week is from 26 November to 7 December, so wouldn’t it be grand to save a tree or even plant another one. If like me you are puzzled by the length of National Tree Week, it is correct. I can only assume that trees work 11 days a week, it also gives you a bit longer to plant one.



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